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Hello and welcome to Active Calendar!

Our mission is a simple one— to cure the headaches associated with chronic calendar pain! What is chronic calendar pain you ask? We believe it's something that many people don't realize they have. In fact, it's one of the biggest hurdles in the workplace and it leads to frustration, miscommunications, wasted time and mistakes. That's where Active Calendar comes in. We're not your everyday calendar software. We're a web based calendar SaaS designed to help you create truly valuable event communities.

These days, online event calendars are needed to keep everyone connected to their various meetings and events. It goes without saying how much of a "plugged-in" society we have become over the years. But despite being connected to so many different applications across our computers and mobile devices, event management software was still lacking in true connectivity. Businesses struggle to keep their various events accessible and searchable across all digital channels. Companies also have trouble attracting and registering event attendees through different devices and channels. Shared calendars and event management software have— up until now—acted independently, causing complications between different event calendar platforms. This is exactly the kind of chronic calendar pain we are referring to.

We believe there doesn't have to be a disconnect, which is why we developed our unique Active Calendar software. We want to bridge these scheduling gaps and bring shared calendars and event management software online where it belongs. Our event management and calendar software takes the needs of the organizer and the attendee into consideration, and adapt them to the online world. All of your communication and event management needs aligned with nurturing and supporting your event community and attendees improves every event's success.

Not your typical event management software

Active Calendar's SaaS software was created with the event manager and visitors in mind. While our calendar software has plenty of features, it remains user-friendly, customizable, and robust. Our easy-to-use event interface makes it easy to create, edit and share your events online. Our community publishing capabilities allow you to decentralize your event planning while still retaining final approval capabilities.

Truly more than a simple event calendar, with our inclusive event management software you can create, promote and share events, as well as enroll in courses online, sell tickets online and offer event registration. Talk about robust!

The easiest way to create an event calendar and shared calendars

Whether you want to create a shared calendar for an annual or recurring event, or you want to make a one-time event calendar, Active Calendar makes every step of the process simple. Our point and click interface will make it a breeze communicating with the different members of your team and your event attendees. See how successful your event was with our integrated analytics and use that information to tweak your next event invitations to target specific groups of attendees according to their preferences.