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Introducing an Active Calendar
We love Active Calendar!  With a large demographic and multiple locations, Active Calendar was the solution we were looking for!  Now we have a central location for all our events and activities that can be shared out to friends, families, co-workers and colleagues.  It’s brilliant!

Annette Kaiser, LifePath

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Welcome to Active Calendar - where our event management and online calendar software brings your event community to life! We’re not your everyday calendar software. Our online calendars are designed to help you create truly valuable events to share with your event communities efficiently and effectively. We believe that reducing the frustration and hurdles in event management is the best solution for cost and time savings – which everyone needs more of!

What’s an event community, you ask?

An event community is an online place where people plan, share and connect about what they are doing and when. It provides site visitors with fun and interesting ways to spend their time, and the ability for organizations like yours to engage with your audience, communicate and monetize events. With Active Calendar's application you can seamlessly integrate your event community on your organization’s website - aiding in greater event success. You’re not the only person who love’s the idea of an event community. The ease of use and accessibility will keep your visitors coming back for more!

Active Calendar Helps You Spread the Word

In today’s world staying connected is a top priority, and using our shared calendar will be one of the greatest marketing tools you have. We know how important you and your visitor’s needs are, so we take them both into consideration. From easy online registration tools to web-based scheduling. That’s why your event community is adaptable across all platforms. Visitors can access your organization’s event information on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Social media is here to stay, and when you use Active Calendar, you can help leverage your organization’s event visibility. Our web calendar enables you to share events with a click of the mouse to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus. Once you're actively promoting events on your organization’s and community member’s favorite social networks, it will be easier for them to share the news with others, sending your reach further than ever before.

Not Your Typical Event Management Software

Innovation is always on our minds. When using Active Calendar’s SaaS (software as a service) solution it ensures you’re getting the latest and greatest version of our calendar sharing, online ticketing, and event management software – at no extra cost. These updates are automatic so you don’t have to waste time downloading our newest features. While we make it a priority to consistently update our software, our event calendar always remains user-friendly, customizable and robust.

If you think Active Calendar is only effective in event management, think again. Our calendar serves as the solution for so much more! Remember all those press releases you have hidden on your computer drive? Move them over to your calendar and share important news with your visitors. Don’t have time to write down the names of everyone who wants to enroll in your Pilates class? Direct them to your Active Calendar event community, where enrollment has never been faster and easier. The possibilities are endless!

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